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Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to meet me. It’s an odd activity to write all about oneself whether in the first person or in the third person, which is usually how these pieces are written.


A bit about me, in the first person . . . 


I grew up in the shadow of MGM and the MGM back lot, just across the tracks/viaduct from Baldwin Hills. If you know. . . then you Know!! Almost daily, We drove by the remnants of the wall that kept King Kong at bay, and hundreds of other derelict set pieces. It was all about the movies for me from a very young age. Well, it was all about a few things for me ~ Shakespeare, Godzilla, books and more books, STAR WARS, musicals, plays, science fiction books, science fiction movies, science fiction television shows, CARTOONS, comic books ~ pardon me, Graphic Novels, during the summer swimming from sun up to sun down. 


My mother and father were nerds! Literally. They were pocket protector nerds. They were also lovers of the arts. Dad loved jazz. Loved it!  Mom loved movie musicals, jazz music, and rock & roll. My sister was my hero and I copied everything she did. She sang like a bird and played guitar and I sang and played my guitar all the way through Catholic School Sundays, midnight masses, high school masses & musicals, jazz band and rock & roll band. That was twelve years of Catholic School, people! Did you catch that? Then, I sang and danced my way through college! 


My adult performing career has manifested and developed over the years and oddly has exploded during the time of Covid. I’ve always sassily exclaimed, “If I only had 7 extra hours in a day, I’d get all my stuff done!” Then Covid hit and I said, “Here’s that seven extra hours, were you serious or were ya bullshitting?” Apparently, I was serious. You’ll see all I’ve got going on throughout the website.  


The biggest gift that has rained down joy and deep satisfaction in my creative life is being a teaching artist for LA Opera. Kids from all over Southern California participate in rehearsals and performing Operas, in their schools, and in LA Opera’s Summer Opera Camp. We’ve worked together on-line during 2020. If all of the young artists I know are examples of a worldwide desire to create and share, the arts are in very, very good hands.


That’s a little about me. I’ll keep you up to date often with all that’s evolving and exploding in my creative life and maybe a bit in my personal life. I’m glad you stopped by.



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