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by Tracey Paleo | 2019


"The two most poignant performances in this production however are by  William L. Warren as Cal and Judy Louise Johnson as Addie.  These are not mere sideline characters portraying post-Slavery era household servants.  Warren and Johnson’s performances shape the relationship perspectives about all that happens within the household and stand guard to every bit of freedom, confinement, knowledge and impotence.  Voices without a voice in the outside world but fierce and clear in their own domain, they are wondrously realized here by respectively both actors.”

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“The first-ever series that defines and exposes the true nature of the underworld: a second economy of dirty money, born from the intersection of organized crime and intelligence operations. They are twin heads of this realm, and they have never been separated. This is the world of MOBSTERS & SPIES.”

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“What a joy to work on the world beneath! My bonus joy was meeting and diving into the deep intellect and loving heart of Elizebeth Friedman, the little known designer of American cryptanalysis. We know her now!! Elizebeth and I emerge in, Love Code - Chapter 2”  

Judy L. J.


In this pause, when live theatre has been interrupted across the world, we have reached out to theaters and theater university departments across the country to join us on a  journey to bring Love and Information to life in this virtual moment. Normally this level of collaboration would be impossible on many levels, however, in this moment it is not only possible, but appropriate and fitting.

Together with collaborating theaters, we have created a digital work of Caryl Churchill’s piece that captures the dense fabric she placed on the page in a different and unique way.

Comprised of more than 50 short scenes that range from seconds to minutes, this play leaves much room for creativity and interpretation and lending itself in this unprecedented moment to find its way to a virtual presentation.


I am so proud to have been part of the Santa Monica Pier production.

          Theatre, about and for All the people of our community! 

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